We wish to inspire coffee lovers

For more than 80 years MAHLKÖNIG has been the leading brand for high quality professional grinders.The MAHLKÖNIG logo stands for quality leadership and innovation. As part of our philosophy our products are developed by MAHLKÖNIG engineers and manufactured by hand in order to fulfill individual customers needs and requirements.We believe in Germany as production location and will enlarge it in the future. Permanent investments in production and quality processes are a given for us to ensure the high quality expected from all MAHLKÖNIG products. The main focus of MAHLKÖNIG is the development of grinders for the best grinding of all kinds of coffee types and roasts.

So approx. 90 % of the MAHLKÖNIG products are used for grinding coffee. The aim is to produce one pair of grinding discs suitable for every need, filter fine, espresso or even turkish-fine grinding. The materials range from cast, steel, tungsten carbide to ceramic. Today MAHLKÖNIG ensures the distribution and servicing of over 400.000 MAHLKÖNIG grinders through own subsidiaries and over 150 distributors and service partners worldwide. This way the know-how of MAHLKÖNIG is used daily worldwide. MAHLKÖNIG’s national and international customers are mainly coffee roasters, manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, retailers, wholesales and a large group of individual customers.

With our excellent product quality, our strong innovative spirit and our passion for supreme coffee enjoyment we aim to set the premium standard for grinding coffee in the professional sector and in private households.

We wish to inspire coffee lovers all over the world with our superb grinding quality and the innovative design of our products anew, day in day out.

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