Reliability for decades

PROBAT SE has been manufacturing roasting machines and plants for over 150 years. The company’s extensive expertise and its passion for manufacturing first-class machinery form the foundations for what has made PROBAT roasters well-known all over the world: their economic efficiency, their flexibility, their top quality, long lifespans and high availability. PROBAT products can be used reliably for decades – machinery and equipment that has been operated for more than 30 years is nothing uncommon. This is just one reason why PROBAT stands for excellent security of investment.
The company’s core competences include the manufacture and construction of roasting machines and roller mills, and the planning and installation of entire production plants, including appropriate machinery and plant control systems. In addition to machine technology, PROBAT offers a diverse array of services such as maintenance, system assembly and start-ups, overhauls and, of course, numerous training options.

History: In 1868, the two merchants Alex van Gülpen and Johann Heinrich Lensing got together with the engineer Theodor von Gimborn and founded a company called Emmericher Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei. It then wasn’t long before the first ball roasters for coffee – the forerunners of all PROBAT roasters – were being produced and shipped from the factory halls. This was before the light bulb had even been invented. In 1877, PROBAT registered patent number 100 at the German Imperial Patent Office, which was followed in 1884 by a patent for the first rapid coffee roaster – a year before the invention of the automobile.

As the global leader in the coffee roasting machines and plant sector, PROBAT now owns 115 patents, thereby underscoring its technology leadership. PROBAT’s new research and development centre built in 2012 comprises all of PROBAT’s roasting systems on an industrial scale, as well as roller mills, ground coffee degassing equipment, a full green coffee plant and a cutting-edge food laboratory.

PROBAT has approx. 1,000 employees around the world, around 550 of whom are based in Germany. The company operates subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Brazil, India, and Italy. In addition, with the company having more than 40 representative offices around the world, customers have expert contacts at their disposal at all times. PROBAT exports some 90% of its products to European countries outside of Germany, to North America and to Asia-Pacific.

PROBAT is a family-owned enterprise and is headed by Wim Abbing.

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